Meet Sawyer! Sawyer is looking for a foster or foster to adopt home.

Sawyer came to The Devoted Barn as a young puppy. It was initially thought that he was blind. It turns out that he is not blind but he does have some neurological deficits due to a cyst and some other abnormalities in his brain. Sawyer spends a lot of time walking in circles, especially when he is stressed or amped up. He is also nippy when he wants your attention which could partially be solved through behavioral training but may also be due to his neurological condition. Now all of that kind of sounds like a bummer to us… but don’t tell Sawyer because he has no idea!

He is just a happy go lucky little guy! He loves to go on walks (even if they are a little spinny!) and he goes on special trips with his favorite volunteer. He’s gotten to swim in the lake and play up at the cottage. All in all, he still has a really great life for a pup! We feel that it is time to find him just the right foster home to continue his journey in.

He does great with other dogs and would likely do well with a dog savvy cat. We recommend a home with older children due to his tendency to nip and be mouthy. Sawyer has so much potential that we know he will bring joy to some lucky family even with his quirky personality!