Breed: Doberman/Lab Mix
Age: 1 year

My name is Alana and I came to the barn from animal control. When the nice ladies found me, I was very fearful and really shut down. They were sad but knew they could help, and holy smokes did they ever help me!

When I got there, the barn family gave me a bit of time on my own to see what was up with being in this place with other dogs. Once I saw how much fun everyone was having during group play, I started to come out of my shell! Everyone says I’m super playful now, I’m great with all my other dog friends in the barn, I love people and answer to my name. Miss Amanda says if you give me a squeaky toy I will be your girl forever and ever!!

I’m very curious about my surroundings and highly energetic. I do need to learn some manners since I’m a rescue, would you like to help me? I’m a bit piggish with my food and want to have all the food all the time. Sometimes I get a little pushy when someone has some food for us at feeding time, but they said we can work on that challenge. One of the people at the barn suggest food puzzles to keep my brain engaged (her pups love them)!

Before I'm ready for my next step, I need to learn that leashes aren't a bad thing. The nice people at the barn keep insisting that good things come from leashes but I don't quite believe them yet.

If you're interested in being my foster family when I'm ready to leave the barn, you're more than welcome to come visit me so we can start bonding! Just send an email saying that you want to come meet me so that we can start getting to know each other.