Breed: Lab Mix
Age: 13

Anna has been with The Devoted Barn for almost 2 years now. When she came to us she had a terrible skin infection that resulted in her losing a lot of hair. Now Anna is just a happy, old girl. She enjoys short walks and long naps in the sun. She loves getting attention and just generally being with people!

Anna’s history has resulted in some skin allergies that need to be managed otherwise she begins to lose her hair again. However all it really takes to keep her healthy is the right food and the occasional round of allergy meds!

Anna is dog selective so she will need slow, proper introductions if there is another dog in the home. She tends to prefer submissive male dogs and once she decides a dog is ok then they are friends for life! Anna also needs a home without cats or other small animals.

This old girl has been with us for a long time, and she will always have a home here, but she is such a great dog that we aren’t giving up hope of finding that perfect home for her senior years.