Arizona was found wandering in the desert in Arizona.  The Devoted Barn was driving back from picking up Buster from our friends in California.  We decided to make a last minute change in our route to save some time driving home.  That’s when we came across Arizona.  Arizona’s pack mate had been killed near the side of the highway and she was just wandering around.  We couldn’t just leave her there so she made the trip back to Michigan with us!

Once she arrived in Michigan Arizona got very sick.  She clearly hadn’t had it easy in the desert.  We found pellets from a bb gun lodged inside of her.  Her red blood cell counts tanked but through it all she was just this happy wiggly girl.  It was discovered that she was actually pregnant with a litter of puppies and had a tumor blocking her vaginal canal.  Emergency surgery was done to remove both the tumor and the puppies.  The puppies were two weeks premature and despite our best efforts they passed away.  Arizona’s tumor came back cancerous with an easily treatable form of cancer so Arizona began chemotherapy.

Arizona is now finishing up her last round of chemo and is ready to start looking for her furever home!  Arizona is a 2 year old lab mix who loves to snuggle.  She is always super happy and super wiggly.  She does well with other dogs but has not been tested with cats.  Arizona is house trained and up to date on all vaccines.  Arizona’s cancer has about a 2% chance of recurrence so we will require regular cancer screenings as part of her adoption contract.  So who has room in their home for our little desert wanderer?