“Babs” - because, admit it, she looks like Barbara Streisand! A good Samaritan was feeding a group of cats, when she noticed this one had disappeared. When she reappeared, she was clearly injured, and the vet says she was hit by a car. She spent many weeks in solitary confinement, in a crate, to heal her broken pelvis and is now strong and playing like a kitten.

She is approximately 1 year old and has been fixed. The vet said she is part Siamese, with these beautiful facial features that she has. She enjoys snuggling right next to you as you watch TV, or sit on your fingers while you try to type on the computer. She will follow you through the house and is interested in everything.

She gets along well with dogs that respect her boundaries and I imagine other cats would be fine as well, since she used to share her world with other cats. Are you ready to add Babs to your home?