Bacardi was born in November of 2018 and she’s been a fighter from day one!

She was rescued by The Devoted Barn because of the horrible shape she was in. Once in the care of The Devoted Barn it was found out that she had parvo and glaucoma. Once she successfully beat parvo, her eyes were addressed. That’s when it was discovered that she was 90% blind and in a lot of pain. Eye removal surgery was the best option for her.

Since her eye removal surgery she’s begun to blossom. She gets around great and is adapting easily. She knows basic commands and is doing great with potty training. Since she is blind she probably would do best with dogs that aren’t going to get in her face too much.

Bacardi is a total love and great with kids. Her stitches are now healed and she’s ready to settle in with her furever family.