Meet Banos!

Banos’ life has not been an easy one. He came to us from Thailand with some of our meat trade dogs. While all the meat dog stories are terrible, Banos’ is especially rough. Banos’ was brutally attacked with a machete. It cause some major damage both physically and mentally. Banos has made great strides since he came to The Devoted Barn unfortunately we have hit a point where his progress has stalled. The environment at the barn, even in our med house, is too much for poor Banos to handle. We strongly believe that he would do much better in a quiet foster home.

Because of the machete attack Banos has some behaviors that are difficult to witness. When he is over stimulated or stressed out he self mutilates and will basically attack himself. Banos is medicated for both anxiety and pain issues which has definitely helped reduce the behavior. Unfortunately it is still something to be aware of. Our hope is to place him in a quiet foster or foster to adopt home where the reduced stress level will reduce the behavior further. Banos has lived successfully in a foster home before.

Just like all of our other dogs Banos past does not define his future or who he is as a dog. Banos is so very sweet once he gets to know you. He LOVES his favorite barn family members and gets so happy to see them. For obvious reasons he can be shy when first meeting new people but once he loves you he loves you forever. He will need a housebreaking refresher but he was housebroken in a previous foster home. He does well with cats in the home and could possibly do well with another low key dog with super slow proper introductions. Banos walks well on a leash and LOVES being outdoors. He will do best in a quiet home where someone is home a lot of the time. Banos will come with a trainer who will work closely with the foster/adopter on assimilating Banos into his new home.