I might be short and bowlegged, but my spunk and drive have earned me my hockey name for sure! My name is Bauer and I'm a sassy little guy who has beautiful blue eyes and loves to hang out with my foster fur siblings. We are a colorful bunch and with me being a dachshund/Bassett, I fit right in to any family!

My foster mom says I get along great with the other 3 dogs and mostly ignore the 2 kitties. They're bigger than me so I try to play but apparently they don't want to cuddle with me. That's okay because I'm learning all sort of fun stuff like sit and wait. Miss Julie and Miss Kate my trainer said I've come a long way in a short time and are really happy with my progress on learning how to "dog".

I'm a very happy puppy who likes to chew, so deer antlers have been my favorites so far for redirection. I am also potty trained, although my foster mom says I should be crated and not left out when I'm on my own because I'm so young. Do you have some older kids that would like to run around the yard with me? Or maybe you'd like to snuggle on the couch? I'm a fabulous snuggler! Did I mention I also love car rides? If you're interested in teaching me more about manners and have squeaky toys, I just might be the little guys for you!

Please put in an application and mention my name, Bauer, and we can watch a few Red Wings games from the couch next season!