My voice is a little rough, so I can’t sing like the character in the movie, but I do have her beauty and her name! I’m Belle, and I’m a gorgeous girl who loves to snuggle, give kisses, is very sweet and adores car rides.

I was found living in a park in Belleville, Michigan about four months. The wonderful neighbors made sure I was fed and then called nice Barn family to come and get me. I’m good with other dogs and need a lot of exercise to get my wiggles out. Maybe you need a walking partner?

The Barn family says that although I get along with other pups, I’m a bit too interested in the kitties, horses and other livestock in the barn. This means that I should be in a home with only dogs. I do need to learn manners, like “sit”, “down”, and “stay”. Do you think you could help me learn how to do those things?

I really would like to become a family dog again with a safe place, snuggles, treats and walks. If you want to meet and foster me, just put in an application and the wonderful coordinators will be happy to arrange things.

PS - I love ice cream.