They call me Benji. You might remember me from the 1970's show about a dog who likes to roam around a small Texas town? Truth be told, I'm not "that" Benji, but gracious do I like to wander!

I was found hanging out in Adrian, Michigan but now I'm safe thanks to Miss Mel and the nice people in that town. I've been decompressing with Miss Louise in her kennel and now that I'm more wiggly and want to say hi to people, they said I'm ready for my next step. The barn family has been letting me do my own thing, so they aren't sure about what training I might have had or what my background really is. Also, I ignore the kitties when they are near my kennel, but they're not sure about them. It would be nice to find a family who will help me adjust to a home and teach me manners.

I'm only about 30 pounds and fully grown, so I won't get much bigger. Miss Tammy at the barn says I'm really good with other dogs and very sweet, so if you have a pup who needs a companion that would be just fine.

If you want a pup who might need a little work but is sassy and full of personality, I might just be the guy for you! If interested, please fill out an application and the nice ladies who are the foster and adoption team will contact you!