Bimmer is ready for adoption!!  He is one of the happiest, cuddliest dogs we have ever had at The Devoted Barn!  Bimmer was pulled from Detroit Animal Care & Control with a large gash in his throat, likely from having an embedded collar and regularly trying to get something just out of his reach.

Bimmer's throat has healed nicely and he has put on some needed weight.  He loves everyone he meets, regardless of species. His favorite thing to do is eat, play comes in at a close 2nd. He is very trainable as he is highly food motivated. He hasn't come across a dog or a person he doesn't like. He does have have a decent amount of energy, but will settle down nicely after romping around with his buddy. We haven't come across a person yet who didn't fall in love with this lover immediately upon meeting him. He is approximately a year old and on the smaller side, roughly 35 pounds.

Bimmer can be a little mouthy but has been getting better with training.  He has been working on his obedience training with his amazing foster Mom.  He knows "sit" and "release".  He would do amazingly in an obedience class.  He is such a huge goofball.  If you are looking for a reason to laugh every day... Bimmer is your guy!