Blackie came to The Devoted Barn from Toledo. He spent many years with is elderly owner who would take him for daily walks through the neighborhood. They were very bonded. Unfortunately when his owner passed away, the gentleman’s family did not want to keep Blackie so he was left behind in the neighborhood. Blackie continued to make his daily walks throughout the neighborhood for years. The neighbors fed and cared for him. He would spend time watching the neighbor garden, just like he did with his prior owner. He is quite loyal and was protective of the kids in the neighborhood. When new people moved into Blackie’s prior home they started chasing him off. That’s when a rescue contacted The Devoted Barn who went and brought him back to the barn.

Blackie is approximately 10 years old, laid back, and loyal to his trusted people. He is ready for the next phase of his life with a new family and home. Are you looking for a wonderful companion? If so, Blackie is your guy!