Sponsor Chico & Blackie

Blackie & Chico came to The Devoted Barn from our wonderful friends over at the River Rouge Animal Shelter.  These boys were in pretty rough shape when they came into the shelter.  They had been kept in a basement for most of their lives.  Blackie is about 12 years old and Chico is about 8.  So they were kept down in a dank, dingy basement for way too long.  When they arrived at the shelter it became clear that they had very little human interaction throughout their lives.  However the wonder volunteers at River Rouge began to win them over.  Despite this, it became clear that these two needed a long term environment to heal in.

Blackie & Chico are currently staying at The Devoted Barn in one of our delux senior condos.  They were pretty shy when they first arrived but they are getting better every day.  Poor Chico was born without one of his front legs and was never properly cared for in his previous “home”.  So he has a rough time walking due to arthritis in his remaining front limb.  We would love to see these boys spend their last few years relaxing on a nice comfy bed in a warm home.  Blackie and Chico are very bonded so these two must go as a pair.  Do you have room in your home for these two sweet old men?