Meet Buddy Love! All the way from California now living in Michigan. A well aged Chihuahua around 9 years young.

He’s a calm and cool little fellow who has all the good manners someone looks for in a perfect dog. He can sit when he gets treats and he learns right from wrong very quickly. He loves to get kisses and enjoys sleeping on your lap while you watch tv. He prefers to go potty outside but like most dogs don’t like certain types of weather so he uses a potty pad if he has to.

He’s very friendly with friendly dogs and loves to play with them. His foster dad says he’s part Lemur because he stands and sits on his hind legs when it’s treat time. He is also leash trained. He’s got a lot of good traits going on but that’s because he is an older gentleman. His current foster family ranges from 6lbs to 50lbs and there’s 6 of them and he fits right in with all dogs of all sizes.

Buddy would do best in any home who is willing to give him a chance! Will you?