Oh Chewy... 8.5# of opinionated, snuggly, busy, funny, old man. He doesn't move fast, he doesn't see much if at all, though his hearing is impeccable especially if it's involving food. He's starting to understand potty training! He growls and stomps his tiny feet when there's something he needs. Breakfast and dinner are his two most favoritest times of the day... He loves to spend warm days investigating the great outdoors, cold or dreary days investigating the indoors (for possible crumbs to find) and once he's worn himself out, he will always let me know it's time to slow down and succumb to what I call, being‪#‎onchewytime.

Yes, he's an old man. Yes, he has some early kidney changes. Yes, he has occasional pee accidents in the house if I don't get him outside in time. BUT, he doesn't mind his belly bands one bit (except for the standing still to put them on part) and he always waits to go outside to go poop. He hardly has any teeth left. (The ones he does have are clean!!) But does that stop him from loving life to the fullest? Not one bit. He's looking for his perfect forever home. We don't quite know how long that may be... But we're confident that we'll find the best one possible for him. If you think you could offer Chewy an amazing place to hang his hat in his golden years... Please fill out the application on our website.