Claire is a happy little pup who we think will end up on the small to medium size when she is an adult. Mom was about 35 lbs and a terrier looking mix. Claire’s mom, Twiggy came to us from down south and delivered her puppies in the Devoted nursery.

Claire has short hair and the cutest little short legs. She looks a lot like her mom. She is a spunky little puppy who loves to chase her sister around the house and can run fast as anything even with her little legs. She loves to fall asleep in your arms and even makes the cutest little snoring noises when she is curled up with you. She loves her toys and is really good with the older pup in her foster home. She is a smart little girl and is learning how to kennel, walk on her leash and sit. She is not housebroken yet but she seems to learn with ease so I am pretty confident she won’t be hard to housebreak with a little help from their humans.

If you are looking for a sweet, snugly addition to your home then Claire would be a great addition!