Sponsor Cookie

Cookie has had a rough life but you wouldn’t know it by her personality.  Cookie was a stray that found her way into someone’s garage and had a litter of puppies.  The owners of the garage didn’t like where Cookie had chosen to have her puppies so they intentionally ran her over with a car.  Her back was broken when she was hit by the car and she was left to die.  Luckily a kind neighbor stepped in and got Cookie and her babies to the local SPCA.  They did not have the resources to care for a dog like Cookie so they contacted The Devoted Barn and Cookie became part of our family.

Unfortunately Cookie’s injury is irreversible.  She is permanently paralyzed from the middle down and she has no bowel/bladder control.  She doesn’t let that slow her down though!  A kind soul donated a wheelchair for her and she gets around great in it.  She loves to run around with all of her dog friends!  Despite everything she’s been through she is one of the happiest dogs in our program.

Cookie is recovering from a bladder infection, colitis and needs to put on some weight but then she will be going up for adoption.  Unlike the other incontinent dogs in our program Cookie doesn’t mind wearing a diaper and is happiest in a home environment.  So we will be looking for a special angel to adopt our sweet Cookie when the time comes.  Her potential adopter must be able to handle keeping Cookie and her environment clean but she will more than repay you with lots of snuggles, wiggles and smiles!