Daisy and Smith were found in the woods all by themselves.  A local hunter picked them up and brought them to us since they were so itty bitty.  We put them in with a few other puppies their age for socialization and they are doing great!

Daisy & Smith are about 8 weeks old mixed breed fluff balls who we expect to be on the smaller side.   Daisy is the lighter colored puppy and Smith is the darker colored puppy.  They are hyper puppies but they also enjoy a good solid nap!  They play really well together.  They both do great with kids, cats and other dogs.  Both Daisy and Smith are working on their potty and crate training.

These two adorable little balls of fluff will be available for adoption once they finish up their final round of vaccines in early January but we are accepting applications on them now! So hurry up and get yours in because we are pretty sure these two are only going to get cuter!