Note from Website Admin: Dusty crossed the rainbow bridge in 2016.  However our feral program would not be what it is today without his influence.  I am temporarily leaving his page active in remembrance of our original feral protector and in honor of all the dogs we have saved with his help.  -Chelsea

Dusty came to The Devoted Barn as part of a severe hoarding case.  He has been at The Devoted Barn since the very beginning.  Dusty has come a long way since we got him but he is still learning to trust people.  

Dusty has a very important job here at the barn.  He is the guardian of the feral dogs; their protector.  All of the other feral dogs turn to Dusty for security and comfort.  They just seem drawn to him.  At any one time you will find up to 7 other feral dogs snuggling with Dusty in his crate.  His presence alone brings the other dogs out of their shells and makes them feel secure enough to interact with humans.