Eevee is approximately 10 years young ( give or take) she has had a pretty bad life living in filth with several other dogs, being used for breeding. Even after all she's been through she is the most wonderful loving dog anyone could ever ask for. It's a guarantee that waking up to Eevee will bring a smile to your face daily. 

Eevee came to us in bad shape, she's still healing and catching up on sleep and cuddles but so far it appears she loves everyone. She came with a bad bladder infection which caused her to frequently potty inside. She is still fighting the end of the infection and with her recent spay it's hard to say if she's potty trained since she still has an occasional accident. 

Eevee has had several teeth removed and does have the start of cataracts but other then that she appears to be healthy.

She has a spring in her step and a sparkle in her eyes. One little cuddle with her and you'll fall in love.