Sponsor Elsa & Fiona

Elsa & Fiona are a mother/daughter pair that came to The Devoted Barn from the streets of Detroit.  They had been living in the same area for many years.  People in the area would feed them.  Some neighbors remember seeing Elsa in the area as far back as 7 years ago.  That is a long life on the streets.  Someone ended up calling Detroit Animal Control to come trap Elsa & Fiona.  Upon hearing this, The Devoted Barn stepped in and brought them into our feral dog program.

Fiona came out of her shell very quickly once arriving at The Devoted Barn.  Her favorite time of day is when we hand feed the ferals.  She is not shy about pushing others out of the way to get to that yummy food!

Elsa is a little more reserved but is still making really good progress at the barn.  She also loves hand feeding time and she is not afraid to let the other dogs know that she is the boss!

Update 3/6/15: Elsa and Fiona have come so far since they arrived at The Devoted Barn.  Both of them allow us to pet them now.  Elsa has decided she really loves pets and will even roll over for a belly rub!  They are learning how to sit while we hand feed them.  Both of these girls are ready for the next step on their journey; a foster home.