Twinkle, Ember and Baby are about 5 months old. They were dropped off at The Devoted Barn by one of our favorite local law officers when they were only a few weeks old.  After some time in a foster home they have now grown into beautiful, young cats.

These cuties are very sweet but mischievous. They have a very high activity level and are always good for a laugh!  They would love a home with humans who have time to play and interact with them.  They tolerate young children but would do best in a home with children over the age of 4. They have been fostered in a home with dogs and are great with them.  All 3 of them live in the same foster home and get along great but have not really been tested with other cats.  However, they are young enough that it shouldn’t be a problem.  All 3 kittens are litter trained and prefer a tidy litter box. 

Baby like to snuggle and be held like a baby. Ember will cuddle on your lap or on the couch next to you. She tolerates being held but would prefer to just snuggle next to you. Twinkle prefers to get pets and love on her own terms but she sure does love her people!  Do you have room in your home for one (or even two!) of these little cuties?