Sponsor Emma

Emma came to The Devoted Barn from a rescue in Ohio with a pretty horrific back story.  She was found walking down a street at only 8 weeks old with some pretty horrific injuries to her rear end.  Once at the vet it became clear that she had been sexually assaulted and then let go to wander the streets.  The injuries to her anus were so violent that she no longer has control of her bowels.  The vet tried everything, including laser treatments, to get function back but nothing worked.  At this point it became clear that it would be difficult for Emma to live in a home environment so she came to The Devoted Barn to become our newest permanent resident!

Emma is just the sweetest, happiest little girl alive.  It is unthinkable that somebody could have hurt her like that.  She holds absolutely no grudges and loves everyone, humans and animals alike.  Emma doesn’t let what happened to her hold her back and neither will we!