Finn is a sweet, funny gimpy legged dog with an infectious smile and personality to match.

 He has so much energy and love for life it comes bouncing out. There are times he can hardly contain it and his legs turn into springs. He bounces so high I think he's going to touch the clouds. He's even tried to give me kisses on the way down. I fear he's going to hurt his leg again when he lands. That and given sadly, most humans don't like muddy paw prints on their clothes he and I need to find a better outlet for all that pent up enthusiasm. He loves to chase tennis balls and he's even learning to bring them back when he sees I have one ready to throw.

He is mostly well mannered for a pup that was left in a kennel with a broken leg for more than half his life. He knows sit and down. Stay and come are a work in progress. But we are working on it. He will wait and look at me when I ask at meal time. He waits to come out of his crate until given the "ok" or swipe of my hand. He waits at the door to go out even though I can see he's about to burst. We do need to work on loose leash walking and now that the weather is better for longer walks we'll get that done too.

 He plays nicely and appropriately with my dog, he's curious about the cat but not in a prey driven way. )I  still would like him to go to a home with no cats or cats that have had dogs before.) He just want to see where she's going so fast. He's been around people of all shapes and sizes, color of skin and manner of dress and nothing seems to phase him.

 He will need a life time of physical therapy at home. I am happy to teach an adoptive family what I was taught to help him