Breed:  Shar Pei
Size:  Medium, about 50-60 lbs

Our names may possibly give us away because we do indeed sound like an old married couple. We even act like one! We are a very bonded pair of Char-Pei’s and had a pretty rough life before our arrival at the barn. We’ve never lived in a house, but if you are patient with us we really think we can adapt quickly.

We are typical of our breed with all the fun medical issues that may arise (did anyone mention sunscreen?). We promise to make up for that with our comical and fun personalities! We even forgive each other like an old married couple when we get cranky.

While we are a little older (hey, Fred and Wilma, remember?) and only like to be around each other, it would be best if we were in a dog and cat-free home. Do you think you could give this older pair a chance at a home of their own? They are indeed great pups, do you think they would fit in your home?

*Fred and Wilma are mother and son.