Gemma came to The Devoted Barn after a pretty horrific event.  Several months ago Gemma was found wandering in the woods with an arrow sticking out of her skull.  It was then discovered that Gemma’s “owner” had shot her in the head with a bow & arrow then left her to die in the woods.  Her owner claims that she became aggressive and killed his pug.  However a necropsy on the pug showed that the pug did not die from any sort of injuries consistent with an attack.  Gemma’s owner was arrested and charged with felony animal cruelty.

Surprisingly enough the arrow did not do any long term damage to Gemma’s brain.  Four months later she is a totally happy, normal functioning dog!  After she was treated at the vet Gemma was held at animal control for four months as evidence while her owner awaited trial.  Her owner is now going through a preliminary trial and Gemma has been released to the care of The Devoted Barn to continue the healing process.

Despite the horrible thing that humans did to her Gemma LOVES people!  She is a total people pleaser. All she wants to do is be loved on.  Gemma has graduated from Project Second Chance and can't wait to show you all of her fun tricks!