Hi I’m Gracie and my foster Mom said I am the happiest dog she has ever met and I have a great personality.

I love to romp through the grass on a sunny, warm day. My foster Mom gave me a couple toys and I’m learning how to play with them and chew on them. There is another dog in my foster home and we get along. He tries to teach me how to play with him but I mostly just follow him around. I am a little shy at first around people I don’t know but I warm up quick. I have had a couple baths and don’t mind them too much. I wear a collar with no problem. I sleep through the night and love my soft fluffy dog bed.

My mom had distemper when I was born so because of that I have some neurological issues. I can’t walk a straight line (foster Mom says I walk like a baby animal for the first time after they are born) maneuver steps, and I tumble over a bit (but I get right back up and keep on going). It helps me a lot if you can hold my bowl up when I eat – but I eat fast so I won’t take up too much of your time. Because I can’t do stairs I do need you to carry me outside and back in to do my business.

So if you want a quiet, laid back girl who loves to give kisses and is happiest when snuggling in your lap, I’m the one for you!