The Gypsy Dogs of Detroit

Purchase The Gypsy Dogs of Detroit by Mike Walzak

Our good friend Mike Walzak wrote a book about his experiences with the feral dog packs in Detroit.!  A limited number of The Gypsy Dogs of Detroit were published and completely sold out.  However we have gotten our hands on the link to an online copy of the book!

The Gypsy Dogs of Detroit is all about Mike's time spent following and studying two feral dog packs in Detroit.  The book also includes tons of Mike's excellent photos of these dogs.  He really captures the essence of life as a feral dog in Detroit.  This is a must read for anyone interested in what we do with the feral dogs.  The Gypsy Dogs of Detroit also features our very own Punky!

For a $10 donation we will send you the link to access the online copy of the book and you can read it as many times as you want!  All proceeds go directly to the care of our feral dogs.  If you are interested in purchasing access to the online copy of the book please click the button above and follow the directions.  Be sure to include "Gypsy Dogs" in the note box and give us the email address you would like the link sent to.  Thanks in advance for your support!