Medical Emergency - We Need Your Help!

Help with Hazel's Medical Bills

Calling all Devoted Barn helpers!!! Remember our little guy Puck? He touched our hearts with his little fighting spirit, even with how hurt and broken he was, and it was because of all of you, our Devoted Followers, that he’s now mended and found his forever home with the most perfect family!!! They truly adore him, and without your generosity he wouldn’t have had such an awesome ending!!!

We have another beautiful girl named Hazel. This broken girl came to us through no fault of her own, when she and her friend (a chocolate lab) were hit by a car in front of the Flatrock Speedway. Sadly, her lab friend didn’t make it, and Hazel sustained major bone fractures. As you can see in the XRays, she’s going to need a LOT of help, most especially our Devoted Follower’s help!!!

Hazel came to us through a good Samaritan, Nick D Detroit, who saw her laying on the side of the road while traveling the busy expressway. He pulled over, took this trembling and broken girl into his arms until help arrived. She was shaking in fear as cars narrowly sped by at high rates of speed, not even bothering to slow for the hazard lights that were so blindingly apparent. Never once did she react to this gentle human who gave selflessly to ease her suffering, and only showing her sweetness through her unimaginable pain.

Throughout all of this, her owner was located and was truly devastated to hear of her extensive injuries. He selflessly released her into the care of The Devoted Barn, knowing she would receive every measure of help in her medical journey. Please know we support him in this arduous decision, and it is simply the mark of an exceptional owner who would place the needs of his animal above his own.

Without hesitation, Melissa Zudwig Borden sprang into action to assist our newest charge, and brought her to the Toledo Emergency Vet. There it was realized how extensive her injuries were, so we are asking again for your help with vet costs for her surgery, and follow-up appointments. We need your help if we are to give this darling girl the best chance at a new life, safe and warm from her fears and to mend her broken bones.

We asked a lot for Puck and you were all absolutely amazing with your support. Would you help us? Would you give her a chance like you did with Puck? Any donations are welcome, even a dollar will go toward her care. At this time, we are estimating Miss Hazel will cost up to almost $7,500 with her surgery, medical fostering for her recovery, and rehabilitation. We would be beholden to our Devoted Followers once again, for their generous support of this girl, who needs love and care, and a new chance at life. 

Help with Hazel's Medical Bills