Jackson is Ready

For a Home!

Jackson is a young German Shepherd who is active & loving.  He enjoys walks, training and being around people. Jackson is crate-trained, potty trained and knows his basic commands. He will work for praise, toys or treats and is just a fun-loving, happy boy.

Jackson absolutely loves children and is so gentle and mellow with them. He gets along with everyone he meets, doesn't bark in the house and is incredibly well-mannered for his age and breed.

Jackson doesn't appear to be well-socialized with other dogs and has struggled to get along with dogs while in our care. For this reason, he is looking for an experienced adopter who can either work with him around other dogs or someone who is okay with him not being very doggie-savvy/social.  Therefore his only special requirement is a home with no other dogs or with adopters who are willing to do an incredibly slow and managed introduction to their current dog. Do you have room in your home for this lovable, sweet, affectionate boy