Hi, my name is Jessie. I was told I was a Chesapeake bay mix and I was dropped off with my litter mates in Louisiana. That makes me sad but this wonderful lady, Mel, came to our rescue and brought us back to her place where she found us some foster parents. Thank you for that Mel.

I was told my other siblings are with other amazing foster mommy's and I would be seeing them soon. I'm the only girly-girl here with my mommy's and I'm quite the "diva". Don't let the crown fool ya tho, I can hold my own with my brothers I love to run and jump around and sometimes I even try digging holes in our bed.

My favorite thing to do is run up the stairs and play in my mommy's room and hide under her bed while she's calling my name. I will stick my head out and look at her but I like it under her bed. Sometimes a girl needs her alone time I'm enjoying the tummy rubs and the scratches behind my ears and I've also learned if I start whining while in my play area, mommy knows it's time for me to go outside and do my business. That's pretty good for only being a couple months old huh? 

I'd love nothing more then to find me self a furever home with lotsa toys and love that my foster mommy gives us.