Sponsor Lefty

Lefty is a 9 year old dog that was part of a court case up in Lapeer County.  Lefty lived in a home that had a yard with an invisible fence.  He ended up being attacked multiple times in his own backyard.  He fought back and unfortunately the other dog had to be euthanized afterwards.  We do not know the reason that the other dog was put down (actual extent of injuries, cost, etc) and Lefty was left with some pretty severe injuries as well.  Lefty’s owners were allowed to keep him but were ordered by the court to only allow him outside on a leash and they had to get a privacy fence.

Well Lefty was outside alone again a while later.  A different dog came into the backyard and also attacked Lefty.  Once again Lefty was left with severe injuries and unfortunately the other dog had to be euthanized as well.  Again we do not know the reason behind euthanizing the other dog.  The court seized Lefty after this fight based on the grounds that the family had not followed the previous court orders.  Because of that they were going to order Lefty to be euthanized.  A huge and lengthy battle began to keep the court from euthanizing Lefty.  In the end, the court ordered that Lefty live out the rest of his days in a sanctuary so he came to The Devoted Barn.

The Devoted Barn does not usually take dog aggressive dogs.  We do not have the right environment for that.  But we had our behavioralist go up to Lapeer County and temperament test Lefty with two of our pushiest dogs.  Lefty passed with flying colors.  Based on that and the fact that Lefty’s family said he has no history of aggression we decided that The Devoted Barn would be a good place for Lefty.  So he will be staying at The Devoted Barn for the remainder of his life. We are currently giving Lefty plenty of time to decompress before he has any interaction with our other dogs.  But so far all we see is a sweet older boy who loves to get attention from people and just wants to be loved.  Stay tuned to our facebook page to see updates on Lefty’s development.