Sponsor Levi

Levi came to The Devoted Barn from another animal shelter where he was at risk for being euthanized.  Upon arriving at the shelter Levi was very scared and shut down.  He shied away from being touched and wouldn’t take food from volunteers.  He just stood in the back of his kennel cowering.  The shelter feared that Levi was or would become a “fear biter”.  Fear biters do not stand a chance in high intake shelters so he was in extreme danger of being put on the list for euthanasia.  After hearing a plea from several followers, The Devoted Barn reached out and took Levi into our program.

Any fear of Levi being a fear biter was immeadiately put to rest upon meeting him.  He was just a scared dog in a shelter, nothing more.  Levi took peanut butter from us and was very easy to get on a leash.  So off to the barn he went!  Levi has been at the barn for a month or so now and he is slowly learning that we aren’t here to hurt him.  He loves interacting with all the other dogs.  He is still very shy around humans but loves to take food from us.  He will allow people to pet him gently but he doesn’t necessarily enjoy it yet.  With time and trust Levi will open up more and eventually be ready for his fur-ever home.