Hi!  My name is Lily and my foster mom says I’m ready for adoptions!  I don’t know what that means but I bet it’s fun!

I am an 11 week old mutty mutt mutt and I love playing!  I could play all day long!  There are so many fun games in the world… flirt pole, ball, wrestle and chew sister’s face off… being a pup is great!  My foster mom says I am super silly, goofy and full of energy.  My shenanigans makes her laugh all the time!  I love making mom laugh!  I love playing with other dogs.  Who doesn’t love a good game of wrestle??  After I play I also love a good snuggle.  Laps are AMAZING… seriously you should try one!  I bark a little at cats but it’s just because they look kinda funny and I wants to play with them, not eat them.  I LOVE tiny humans!  They have tiny laps which are perfect for tiny me!  Mom says I won’t be tiny forever but I will likely be under 50lbs.

Foster mom says potty training is a work in progress but I know that when we go outside it’s time to potty which mom says is really good!  Mom says I’m super smart too.  I am really good at sit and I learned super fast!  I still get a little nervous in new situations so mama is looking for a family to take me on lots of adventures for socialization (whatever that means!).

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