Breed:  Lab Mix
Age: 14 weeks old (as of 8/13/15)

Louie is ready for adoption!  Louie is a young puppy that was brought to our attention because he failed his temperment test at a high intake shelter.  During the test he was pushy and showed inappropriate body language.  Because he failed the test he was at risk of being put on the euthanasia list at only 10 weeks old. 

This kind of behavior is caused by puppies being removed from their littermates too young which is exactly what happened to Louie.  He didn’t have siblings around to teach him bite inhabition and appropriate play behaviors.  This is the main reason we keep our puppies together until 12 weeks of age.  It allows for the maximum level of socialization.

Louie has been staying with one of our dedicated puppy fosters.  Her other dogs have put Louie in his place very quickly.  He is now doing exceptionally well and is displaying all the appropriate behaviors that we have been looking for.  Louie is always going to be a high energy dog.  He needs an active family that is willing to put the time into exercising and training him.  He is super smart and LOVES to play.  Louie does great with dogs, cats and kids.  He is a super sweet boy that is looking for people to play with for the rest of his life.  Are you looking for some fun in your life?  Louie may be the pup for you!