Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix
Age: Approximately 3 years old

Well I may not be King Louie from the Jungle Book, but I’m just as zany and kind-hearted as he was!

My start in life was sad when I was chained and tortured before I was rescued. I also don’t really look back on that part of my history, I choose to have an amazing outlook on life and love people! Where was my start, you ask? Well, I came all the way from California (it was a really long flight) and Miss Diane picked me up at the airport along with five other pups and drove us down to the barn to become part of the family.

I love people and other dogs (play time is so much fun!), but the nice barn volunteers aren’t sure yet how I am with cats (the kitties stay in their loft so we don’t get to see them much). The barn family is looking for an experienced foster for me to help guide me through my anxiety with the help of our behavior team. This will set me up in my next step to fully fledged adoptee!

So if you’re looking to open your heart to a gorgeous boy who needs some work on his manners, please help me by putting in a foster application today!