I got some "splainin' to do", you see mama just told me I am old enough to finally get adopted! I AM SOOOO HAPPY! So that means I need to tell the world a little bit about me!

I am Lucy, my name is usually followed by "you got some splainin' to do". Mama always laughs after and reminds me she named me Lucy because I am very curious. Just like Lucille Ball from "I love Lucy". I love to explore and learn about the things around me and sometimes I get into a little mischief along the way.

I have 4 foster dog siblings who I love to play with. Sometimes when I wrestle I make really loud noises to let the other dogs know I am the "baddest dog around". They know I am just playing though because as soon as we are done I snuggle up with the closest human or dog I can find!

I am a very sweet girl and I love to give lots of kisses and love! I know how to sit patiently and wait for food and treats, I go potty like a big girl outside and sleep in my crate without a peep until about 7am! Mama says I am the best dog in the house (but shhh dont tell my sister or brother ).

Will you be my partner in crime? Woops, I mean my adventure buddy?