Lulu was part of the West Virginia feral Doxie bunch that were brought to The Devoted Barn in the Spring of 2017. Lulu quickly went into a foster home and has been working on becoming a dog again. 

She recently started to play with toys and the other dogs. She likes to steal her foster dad's socks and she is really good at going outside to go potty, or use the potty pads inside if needed. Has she gets more comfortable at her foster home her interesting personality is starting to show. - she purrs like a cat if she’s upset with you, she likes popcorn, very rarely barks, and she uses her butt as playing defense with the other dogs which her foster family calls Butt-Foo! 

We think she’s about 2 1/2 years old and possibly a Jack Russell/Dachshund mix but you never can tell unless a DNA is done. She still isn't accepting touch so she still has a way to come before moving on to her next step.