Sponsor Mama Cassie

We found Mama Cassie at an animal control.  She was emaciated and so pregnant that she was about to pop!  The shelter is no place to have babies, especially for a dog as malnourished as Mama Cassie so she became a part of The Devoted Barn.  While at the vet she was estimated to be having 8 puppies which is already a lot.  About a week later she ended up having 12!  It is very hard for a dog as neglected as Mama Cassie to take care of that many babies and even with supplemental bottle feeding we lost two of the runts.  If that wasn’t enough, Mama Cassie and by default her whole litter caught kennel cough at the shelter.  However, Mama Cassie and babies are doing great now.

These puppies will not be available for adoption for a couple of months.  We begin accepting applications on puppies when they hit 10 weeks old and they can go to their fur ever homes.  However, we will be looking for puppy fosters once this litter is ready to be weaned.  We provide all supplies, food and vetting.  You just provide the love.  Puppies will need to go to fosters in groups of 2 or 3 to maintain proper socialization.