Marvel is my name, given to me by The Devoted Barn who picked me up in Louisiana, pregnant and close to giving birth. I don't like to talk about those days, but I want you to know about the improved me.

My foster family taught me to mind my manners! I share toys with my doggie friends and play without nipping at them. I sit nicely and wait my turn when I need to. My ears are always on alert, so I make a great watch dog. I love to be petted, but I do have my limits. It's always fun being around other dogs, but I also enjoy my alone time, preferably in my dog bed or cuddled in a blanket, but always near my foster family.

I think I am around 8 years old, so I sleep more than I play. But I still have plenty of pep to my step, especially when I go on walks, which is my favorite time of day. Another happy time is when I sit by a window and watch, and wait for something to bark at. I have been treated for heartworm, which has caused some damage to my heart and lungs, but that doesn't stop me!

I want to be honest with you, I'm a very sweet dog who wants to be your companion and live happily ever after in my forever home.