Sponsor McGraw


McGraw is an older dog that was part of a successful feral dog pack in Detroit.  A group of rescuers had been feeding the same pack for years.  One day Punky showed up in his pack.  The rescuers knew that people had been looking for Punky so they set a trap to catch.  Instead they caught McGraw!  

McGraw is an old dog but you wouldn't know it when you watch him run around at The Devoted Barn.  His favorite time of day is when we hand feed the feral dogs.  He is always first in line to get some yummy food!

Read more about Punky and McGraw in the words of one of their rescuers, Mike Walzak:

Punky and McGraw, the day we trapped McGraw Punky looked devastated she wouldn't let us catch her but she was clearly upset that we took her best friend.  Lori never gave up on Punky, and about 7 weeks later Punky walked right into Lori's trap, almost as if she knew it was her last chance to survive.  She had many puncher wounds and some were getting infected.  Today Punky is healing fine, she is such a sweet dog she loves being petted, her tail is wagging and she seems happy.  

I don't know how dogs like this end up on the street, they were both someone's pet at one time.  I hope they end up in a loving home someday, but for now they get a chance to heal and learn that people can be there friends at the Devoted Barn.

I first met Melissa when I was trying to find help for Punky and her pack on the streets.  As we were searching around the Brewster projects for Punky's pups Melissa said someday she would like to open a sanctuary for dogs and here we are a year and a half later.  Punky was the first street dog I shot a photo of I never would have dreamed it would turn out like this.