Niko (gray male), Mishka (white female), Aelin (gray female) & Malou (white male) will be ready to go to their new homes the first week of July. They turned 9 weeks old on 6/13/19. Stella’s puppies are husky, malamute and white shepherd mixes. They will likely be large breed dogs. All of the puppies are sweet and super energetic. They have found their husky voice and they love to use it! They are chock full of silly antics and are sure to be a source of entertainment in your home.

*** PLEASE READ BEFORE APPLYING*** Please note that we are ONLY looking for applications that have husky or strong working dog experience. Shelters have been filling up with huskies over the past several years. People adopt them because they are adorable but end up abandoning them because they can be a difficult breed to own. Huskies are smart and mischievous. They have very high energy and they need a job to do. These puppies would make awesome running buddies or would do well in a dog sport like nosework or sled pulling. Huskies have a strong prey drive and are escape artists. Despite all that, huskies are wonderful dogs for the right type of people. They will make you laugh every single day. We just want to make sure that these puppies end up in a home that will appreciate them for all their ridiculous antics.