Sponsor Molly!

Molly came to The Devoted Barn from another rescue.  Molly was part of a successful feral dog pack in Brightmoor with her mom and her sister.  Her mother was hit by a car so Molly and her sister were captured.  Upon capture Molly was very shut down and it became clear that it was not going to be simple to rehabilitate her so Molly was brought to The Devoted Barn to become part of our feral dog rehabilitation program!

Little Miss Molly is still very shy.  Molly pretends to be invisible whenever someone comes in.  However over the past week she has begun to engage with volunteers.  She will make eye contact and sit up while humans are hanging out in the feral room.  That's a pretty big first step for this little girl!  She has not yet eaten from our hands yet but you can tell she is working up the courage to try.

We are excited to watch this Molly grow and learn to trust at The Devoted Barn!