Hi humans ... My name is Montana. I am one of the litter mates that was rescued by that super sweet lady, Mel, in Louisiana. I'm roughly 12 weeks old now and was told I may be a mix of Chesapeake bay. I don't know for sure but I do know I'm adorable. I was named after Tony Montana aka Al Pacino due to the marking on my nose. My sister Jesse was named by my foster daddy and my brother Theodore was named by my foster sister cuz she thought he looked like an old man.

We are learning our names very well along with a bit of potty training. Pretty good for our age huh?  I don't know how big I'll get but I am bigger then my siblings. I have big paws and short legs but it doesn't stop me from jumping and playing in the snow. When someone new comes over to see us, I stay in the background until I think it's safe for me to come say hello. I warm up quickly. When it's bath time, I'm not a huge fan, yet but am learning to just go with it. My mommy don't let the water get in my eyes.

Play time is fun. My foster brother Finn likes to share his toys with us as much as we like to share with him. Some of our toys aren't safe for him cuz they're for littles like us but mommy makes sure we keep the smaller toys in the back. I don't think we'll get very big but we sure will fill your hearts with love and happiness. Can I come live you with forever?