Breed:  Shih Tzu
Age: 2 years old

Obi is a complex guy but eager to find a forever home.  He is a neutered male Shih Tzu and is approximately 2 years old. 

He came to the barn after being picked up by animal control, he appeared quite neglected and based on his reaction to people likely abused. It takes time for him to trust but once he does he can be very sweet and playful. Obi needs a low key household experienced withbuilding trust with a dog and has plenty of patience. He would prefer to be in a home with a woman while he continues to get more comfortable with men and children, he needs someone to help him understand boundaries.

When he finds his person, he is a loyal and fierce protector. He will love that person but is not crazy about sharing so ideally a household with no other dogs or small children. Obi loves to go for walks, ride in the car, play fetch and even playing with toys on his own.  Above all, Obi needs an environment where he can learn to trust and understand boundaries. 

Please consider if you have room in your life and heart for Obi.