Phantom came to The Devoted Barn all the way from Thailand as a survivor of the dog meat trade. He is an older guy, about 8 years old, lab mix.

Phantom is a big lug! He is awesome with other dogs and cats and just about anything. He is great on a leash and loves walks.

As with all Soi Dogs, there are some extra precautions that need to be taken since most of them have lived on the streets their whole lives. They are a flight risk and must be on a leash at all times out of the home. They also can resource guard food and toys because of the scarcity of resources on the streets, although we haven't seen this with Phantom yet, it can appear later as they become more comfortable. 

Phantom is an awesome dog looking for a place to spend the rest of his days, could it be with you?

*Phantom and Kylie are now a bonded pair and need to take their next step together.