Hi all my name is Pickles. 

I was the first pregnant dog in the nursery. Although the nursery is only for pregnant and nursing dogs, I am still here a year later.

I am a feral dog. I also have some neurological issues. The smallest change really sets me back. Sometimes I seem to forget where I am. 

It takes a really long time for me to warm up. When I do you might miss my communication because it is very subtle. I do very well with a four legged friend. I am best friends with the resident cat. My mom says I am the most bomb proof dog with other dogs she has ever seen. I make great strides with another dog to show me the ropes. I LOVE to be a mom. I mother any and all puppies. 

I will not allow a collar or a leash. I am perfectly potty pad trained and do not like a mess. I only have one eye but it does not slow me down. 

My mom says I am incredibly special and she really loves me. She just wishes I could always have a companion to help me make strides.