Piglet is a nice mix of an independent yet affectionate puppy.

He like to cuddle and hang out at my feet but isn't one to howl or bark when I leave the room. He is one of the smallest in the litter and will be a medium size dog. He is a fluffy guy, has the softest coat I have ever felt on a dog and looks bigger than he really is. He is great with young kids and bigger dogs. Piglet is feisty and playful and holds his own just fine with my other puppies who are larger than him.

Piglet is working on his housebreaking and has just been allowed to free roam in the house as long as he goes outside frequently and someone keeps an eye on him. He needs to keep getting out and experiencing things that are different and noisy. He's still a young pup that is frightened of new things like garbage trucks! The funny bare patch on his front leg is where he was shaved at MSU for IV's and blood. It is growing back!

Piglet is almost ready to move on to his furever home, could it be with you?