Hi everyone, Puck here checking in to let you know how I'm doing! First I wanted to say Thank you to all of the barn friends that donated towards my medical bills to get me put back together and ready for my very own family! 

My foster mom says I'm too spunky for my own good and have no clue what the words "slow down" really mean. I've been on lots of car rides, and going places to get used to be out and about. It's getting super chilly here in Michigan, so one of the Barn Family, Ms. Wendy, knitted me this Red Wings Hockey sweater to celebrate my name! Isn't it adorable? It definitely keeps all 14.5 pounds of me warm when it’s chilly outside!

I'm doing great, and feeling SO much better now. I have a foster brother, Peter, who is an English Mastiff, sometimes he drools on me while I eat. My foster mom thinks it's gross but he and I have an understanding since I clean up around his food bowl. I also have four other foster fur-siblings that I love running around with: Aussie the Cattle Dog and Jillybear, the Shep/Retriever mix, the other two are cats who don’t want to play so that kind of bums me out. I just ignore them now but I still try to snuggle with them and it’s fun when we curl up near mom to nap together.

My foster mom is really proud of me because I’m potty trained and love to go for car rides. She takes me everywhere and says that I need socialization, whatever that means. I just know I get to meet lots of people and get treats when I’m a good boy. I’ve learned to sit, wait, and be gentle when taking treats. I enjoy being the alarm when someone is at the door but mom says she’s “working on that”, I just know I get more treats for not being so loud. Ha!

Oh, and I've decided that snuggling is my most favorite past time, although my foster brother (the human one) says there is no such thing as personal space with me. Oh and guess what, he's taught me how to HOWL! It drives my foster mom nuts but we have fun talking. I also have to get under the covers at night to keep warm, I might be little but I know how to hog a bed just like the big dogs.

My little personality is really coming out now and I'm a happy little guy with lots of love to give… do you think you would like to snuggle with me and be my furever family?

Puck came to us in poor shape after being hit by a car and abandoned. He has undergone multiple hip surgeries and will need an environment that won't re-aggravate these injuries. A home with a child 10 or older would be preferred.