Herro! My name is Ruby!!! I am so excited because I heard mama and daddy talking, and its finally time for me to find my forever home!!! Isn't that the best news you have heard all day!? I think so too! Let me tell you a little bit about me.

My name is Ruby but, mama calls me squirt and Tuesday don't ask me why! But I come anyway because she usually has a milk bone for me! Those are my favorites! I have 3 foster dog sisters and a brother, I love to play with them. I love too wrestle, that is the best! Mama always says that I am so quiet she would forget about me if it wasn't for me extremely loud sister! 

I love people big and small. Daddy is my favorite, I love to nuzzle under his chin and nibble on his beard! I have 2 human brothers who I love to cuddle by the fire with. Mama always teases me and says I'm boy crazy, whatever that means?

I know how to sit and wait patiently for food, treats and water. I am mostly potty trained (except when it rains, that's the worst!) so I discovered a trick to stay dry - all I have to do is climb on moms porch swing and sit nicely and the rain won't get me in there. Hehe, I know I am a smarty pants.

I sleep best in my crate and mom tells me I get a little grumpy when it's past my bedtime (10 pm to be exact)! I love to cuddle but most of the time I like to relax by myself and enjoy the quiet.

I can NOT wait to finally meet the family I have been praying for! Is that going to be you?